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For Beautiful Rhode Island

With a broad variety of terrain to travel within Rhode Island’s small but mighty 1212 square miles, it’s easy to wrap your arms around it and see its beauty. There are 400 miles of coastline to sail and stunning ocean beaches to swim, you can explore the many historic downtowns in each region, along with gorgeous state parks, exciting public art installations, world class museums and prestigious schools. Enjoy the depth of culturally rich attractions, along with a diverse and creative food scene you surely won’t want to miss.
Experiencing Rhode Island from land and sea just got a whole lot of fun!

Providence County

Providence region

Only 50 miles from Boston, Providence is one of the most historic cities in the US. This walkable city is made up of 25 lively neighborhoods and is the third most populous city in New England.

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Kent County


This midway section of Rhode Island consists of four diverse, friendly communities along the west side of Narragansett Bay and is home to more than a dozen 19th-century villages.

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Providence County


Halfway between Providence and Newport, the three communities of the East Bay region border MA and are within an hour or so of New Bedford’s Martha’s Vineyard Ferry, Cape Cod and Boston.

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Washington Region


Dubbed one of the “Last Great Places in the Western Hemisphere” by the Nature Conservancy, with 40% of the land preserved, Block Island is the quintessential summer resort community.

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Newport Region


Dotted with rich farmland, coastline cliffs, and panoramic ocean views, the six coastal towns of the Newport County region draw world-class sailors and visitors from around the world.

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Washington County


The southernmost region of Rhode Island is defined by picturesque towns leading you to stunning beaches and coveted vacation spots.

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Providence County


Consisting of nine cities and towns in Rhode Island, the Blackstone River Valley Heritage Corridor extends up to Worcester Massachusetts running 46 miles along the Blackstone River. 

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Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut


With 71,992 square miles of colonial history to explore from mountains to sea, every season revels in its own special glory. A road tripper’s dream.

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Rhode island food tours

The bounty of the Rhode Island spirit flows from its earliest days when Native Americans taught early settlers how to farm and fish along 420 miles of coastline. From clambakes to johnnycakes and beyond, today our culinary traditions remain rooted to the land: pond to plate and farm to fork. 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Rhode Island, join us for an authentic Rhode Island food tour where history, culture, and culinary delights collide. 


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