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We’re  always excited by our community recognition awards and the many bloggers, writers and journalists that come on our tours and write stories for their publications. We’re so grateful for their support and positive reviews here.


Alane Spinney, senior barista at Ellie’s, points to the nearby College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University as a driver of Providence’s thriving and eclectic food scene. “Young culinarians from around the world—India, Canada, Barbados—incorporate their foodways into ours,” she says. “They’re adapting their recipes to what’s seasonally available here.” Which means that this small city is home to a world of flavor.


“Rhode Island’s Capital is riding a renaissance with city construction up 20% in the last 5 years, a building boom being a burst of all things sweet and tasty, even in areas once considered unsavory. But make no mistake, Rhode Island knows its food. This walking tour supports the locally operated eateries the community and allows foodies to taste fresh local foods.”

best of rhode island | 2018 editors’ choice award

“Newport’s rich culinary scene makes visitors wish for more meals in a day. Want to know where the locals go? Where history and food intertwine? What the cleverest chefs are up to, and which regional specialties are the most sublime? On these three-hour-plus walks, your guide is your foodie best friend, with all the inside intel. Nothing brings people together like food (and optional alcoholic beverages), and by the end of this seven-stop tasting odyssey, you’ll be laughing and clinking glasses and plotting return visits to hidden-gem restaurants.”

“history meets lunch on the rhode island food tour”

“Attention history buffs and foodies: you no longer have to enjoy your passions separately. Since May, Paula Silva of Rhode Island Red Food Tours combined these two passions into a three-hour walking tour in Newport. Rhode Island Red Food Tours covers a diverse selection of restaurants, from cafes to pubs, to casual and formal dining on the tour.”

“Here, there and everywhere”

“You’ve walked the historic streets of Providence and visited the Roger Williams Park Zoo. You’ve toured the mansions and ogled the yachts in Newport. What else can you do in the Ocean State? On one of the Rhode Island Red Food Tours, you can stroll off the beaten path into interesting neighborhoods, explore the evolving local culinary landscape, and learn about the architectural and cultural elements of Rhode Island’s history — all the while tasting some truly yummy food from local eateries.”


“A Newport Neighborhood Tasting”

“When planning your next trip to Newport and you’re looking for something different to do other than the mansions, cliff walk and the waterfront districts, I’d recommend including this delicious destination into your itinerary!”

“Food Tours; The Hottest Thing To Do This Summer”

“Silva has created a fun, off-the-beaten-path glimpse into Newport life. The emphasis of this tour was eating.Within the eating umbrella, our theme was “where the locals go.” We avoided the overcrowded, overhyped tourist streets of Thames and Bellevue and explored the neighborhood side of Newport. As the original capital city of Rhode Island, and — of course — a port city, Newport is rich in history, complete with America’s Oldest Tavern (where we ate a fabulous NY Cheesecake eggroll and learned about the resident ghosts), and Silva did a great job of pointing out historical buildings and landmarks I would have otherwise missed.After the tour I didn’t want to eat again for 24 hours, but I was happy to know the secret spots to return to this summer.”


“With just four days in Newport, we were determined to make the most of our limited time with equal parts sightseeing and relaxing in the seaside city just south of Providence, RI. So we cruised into town midday on Saturday and immediately joined the Rhode Island Red Food Tour, even before dropping off our bags at the hotel. The tour is a brand new offering this summer and introduced us to some of the lesser-known culinary spots in the immediate area (no tourist traps or cheesy theme restaurants).”

This is our 2nd  year in a row for this coveted honor from our very own local Rhode Island Monthly Magazine. Our “Best of Rhode Island” Award is for Statewide Local Tour, voted on by their readers.

The TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards are  given to the top 10% attractions worldwide based on reviews and ratings from travelers everywhere. We are proud and grateful to have received this award in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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