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Knead Doughnuts – One Local Eatery, Day by Day, One Week at a Time

Emma Sullivan | June 28, 2020 | Food, Uncategorized
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This is our tenth week featuring one local, Rhode Island eatery. We will share the background of each and a little bit about the owners and operators. Most importantly, we will be sharing a link to purchase their gift cards. If you are able to support these small local businesses at this time, we encourage you to purchase their gift cards online, support their fundraisers and/or order takeout or delivery.

This is a particularly difficult time for both the tourism and restaurant industry, we are seeing many of our restaurant partners and friends in these industries struggle to keep their businesses. By featuring one local eatery each week, we hope to support and uplift some of our partners and friends. No matter where you live, local eateries bring so much vibrancy to our communities.

Welcome to Knead Doughnuts

Neighborhoods: Providence

Knead believes in good doughnuts, done well. They craft seasonally inspired and traditional gourmet doughnuts (think blueberry basil and chocolate cake doughnuts) made with locally-sourced, wholesome ingredients. Knead Doughnuts is a family-owned business co-owned by Adam Lastrina, Todd Mackey and Bryan Gibb. Knead Doughnuts began at their Downtown Providence location on Custom House Street. They quickly expanded to their Providence East End location on Elmgrove Ave and recently opened up a location on the West Side of Providence on Cromwell Street. Their quick expansion was added by their wholesale production and, of course, their loyal doughnut-lovers. They recently expanded their offerings with Good Egg Bakeshop, a sister project offering baked goods like croissants, danishes and cinnamon rolls.

The Knead Doughnuts team is known for their creativity. In past months, they’ve offered doughnut ice cream sandwiches (YUM!) and the pop-up Night Cruller, a nigh-time pick-up window for fresh, hot doughnuts.

At the start of the Coronavirus, Knead Doughnuts closed to get their bearings. After a dumpster fire damaged their Custom House location, they regrouped and started offering pick-up preorders for doughnuts. They are open 9-12 on Saturdays and Sundays. All orders must be placed online and picked up at their Elmgrove or Cromwell locations. Preorders are accepted Wednesday-Saturday for the following weekend with leftover offerings being listed the day-of on a first come, first serve basis. Order online here.

You can support Knead Doughnuts by preordering doughnuts or  purchasing gift certificates.

Here are two doughnuts we always *knead*:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Old Fashioned
An old fashioned doughnut and cookie hybrid with mini chocolate chips throughout. Dipped in a vanilla glaze and garnished in a white chocolate “milk” dunk.

Cinnamon Roll Brioche
Brioche dough rolled with cinnamon sugar, fried, and topped with cinnamon glaze.

Scenes from Knead Doughnuts in Providence

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