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Food Tasting & Culture Ambassador

Diandra is a Rhode Island transplant from Vermont via New York. She moved to Rhode Island in 2017 to attend Brown for her Master’s in Teaching in Social Studies. As a perspective teacher, Diandra very purposely chose Providence as a place she would want to stay for a while, and promptly started to follow what was happening in the food scene. Diandra is currently a teacher at the MET High School in Providence. She was excited by the opportunity to give food tours because they blend her love of food, history, and culture. Diandra loves to meet new people who share her love of food and show them all that the Providence food scene has to offer.

Fave Libation :

Oaxacan Beet Box from The East End (with mezcal and beet juice)

Local Dish :

Dan Dan Noodles with squid and lamb from North restaurant… She eats Knead Doughnuts about once a week

RI Spot :

Tillinghast Beach in Barrington with her husband & dog

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